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AchieveVia courses prepare paralegals to be successful on the NALA CP Exam through review of quiz questions on our easy-access app.

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    You go on your journey at any time of the day, 24/7. You decide what times of the day you study.

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    Step into your journey at any location: home, office, coffee shop, bus stop, flight, beach, or any place you have your phone.

  • Knowledge Review Course

    1,100 questions plus a 100-question practice test. Multiple-choice questions mirror the format of the CP Knowledge Exam. Keywords for each area of law.

  • Skills Review Course

    210 questions. Each answer explanation gives the grammar rule with citations to a style manual. How-to guides on writing statements of facts, issues, analyses, and conclusions. Sample legal memorandum.

  • Instant Feedback

    Receive instant feedback as you take our quizzes; we have an answer explanation for every question. We score all quizzes and tests for you; you focus your study on the areas which need improvement.

  • Start Anywhere

    Start anywhere within a course; we'll keep track of your spot in the course when you step away. We'll also show your completion progress through the course as you study the materials and finish the quizzes.

AchieveVia Courses for Paralegals

Free Contracts Law Quizzes

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Free Contracts Law Quizzes

Free CP Exam Review Skills Preview

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Free CP Exam Review Skills Preview

CP Exam Review Knowledge Course

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CP Exam Review Knowledge Course

CP Exam Review Skills Course

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CP Exam Review Skills Course

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  • What are the prerequisites for AchieveVia courses?

    There are no prerequisites for AchieveVia courses. Begin your study at any point in the AchieveVia courses. We refer you to for the prerequisites for the CP Knowledge or Skills Exams.

  • How many questions are in the AchieveVia CP Exam Review Knowledge and Skills Courses?

    The AchieveVia CP Exam Review Knowledge Course has 1,100 questions. Plus, 100 questions in our Practice Test. The AchieveVia CP Exam Review Skills Course has 210 questions.

  • How long is an enrollment in an AchieveVia course?

    Your enrollment lasts for six months for an AchieveVia course. We want you to focus on the course and concentrate your study during a reasonable time period, which we think you can do in six months.

  • How many times may I take a quiz?

    You may take the quizzes as often and as many times as you like within your six-month enrollment period.

  • How do I use your keywords?

    Each area of law has a keyword list; all questions and potential answers are derived from the keywords. See our 10 Ways to Use Keywords.

  • What are Discussions?

    While in a lesson, click on the Discussions tab (upper right corner) to see questions and comments from other learners and AchieveVia responses. Then add your own!

  • Does AchieveVia guarantee success on the CP Knowledge and Skills Exams?

    We do not guarantee you’ll pass the CP Knowledge or Skills Exams, but if you complete AchieveVia's review courses, you will be well prepared for the CP Knowledge and Skills Exams.

  • How do I reach AchieveVia?

    Contact us at

Welcome to your certification journey. Your next steps are:

  • Sample the Free Contracts Law Quizzes

    Quizzes are based on our Contracts Law Chapter of our CP Exam Review Knowledge Course.

    Welcome ● Keywords ● Quiz 1 ● Quiz 2 ● Quiz 3 ● Discussions

  • Sign up for our CP Exam Review Knowledge Course

    Our quizzes mirror the structure, content, and difficulty level of the CP Knowledge Exam.

    Welcome ● Keywords ● 1100 multiple-choice questions and answer explanations ● 100-question practice quiz ● Discussions

  • Complete our CP Exam Review Skills Course

    Our course dissects each part of a legal memorandum. Then we show you how to find the relevant facts and law to write a legal memorandum.

    Welcome ● Keywords ● 210 multiple-choice quiz questions ● Writing ● Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, clarity of expression ● Critical thinking ● Facts, issue, analysis, conclusion ● Sample legal memorandum ● Discussions

Glenn Leier


Glenn A. Leier has worked for more than three decades teaching, hiring, training, and supervising paralegals. He is an attorney, paralegal educator, writer, and board member and treasurer for a charitable foundation. His experience includes serving as managing shareholder of a law firm for 13 years, teaching paralegals for 25 years, serving as general counsel for several corporations, and acting as trustee for family trusts. He has worked with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) on various webinars, projects, certifying board, and advanced certifying board. With AchieveVia, he said, “We wanted paralegals to be successful, to gain a solid knowledge foundation, to write well, and to pass the NALA CP exams.” He enjoys traveling around the country for college sports and family visits, attending concerts and festivals, and exploring the Northwest’s mountains, deserts, oceans, and waterways.
Glenn Leier

Jill Easterday


Jill Easterday is an instructional designer and facilitator with a B.A. in graphic communication. In this capacity, she has created classroom and elearning curriculum for paralegal advanced certification and in the financial services, retail, energy, health insurance, and government sectors. "Always, I'm an advocate for the learner. With AchieveVia, we've created a targeted, meaningful, and practical learning experience for paralegals." Away from the office, Jill is in the pool, on the golf course, or in the garden. She's a water fitness enthusiast and has instructed pool classes for all ages since 2000.
Jill Easterday

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